One of my favorite things about living in Bellingham was getting to watch the sunset over the San Juan Islands every day. The fairly calm water would provide an extension to the sky's canvas and be painted with colors like this every day.
Artist Point is nestled between Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan in the northern cascades. It is extremely popular for snow shoeing in the winter as it'll take you face to face with both of these imposing mountains.
This was shortly after I got my first drone, and it really opened up a new world of possibilities for me honestly. Getting to see things from an above perspective was probably one of the coolest things I had ever seen.
Teddy bear cove is quite possibly one of my favorite places on the planet. on the southern end of Bellingham, this short hike down to the bay is so comforting and relaxing for me, that I miss living up north for the sole reason of being able to come here whenever I wanted.
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