Video Game Assets
Combining photography and 3D modelling, I have taken images, created seamless textures, and applied them to various rock shapes.

Individual rock shapes can later be combined to create larger and more natural looking environments, then pixellated down for a stylized appearance.
This vector art penguin was designed for a friend's social media. This was used not only as a profile icon for them, but also as a custom emoji for their different social media platforms.
This is a personal project, but one that I had a lot of fun doing. I love seeing those flat landscapes in the real world, where each mountain that is further away is just a different shade of the same color. Getting to create my own one of these was a blast.
Pixel Art Animation
A little green slime ball rolling along the ground, jumping in the air, and finally 'popping'. This was part of a small game that while never ended up being completed, I had a lot of fun drawing characters like this for.
3D Animation
This was an early test of my 3D modelling and animation. It's using all low poly assets that I designed and a character that is used in a game I am making.
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