I never really knew how to feel or express emotions in my life. I grew up as a stoic person who mostly kept to myself. As I developed as a photographer, so did my ability to express myself through my work. Often times I feel that what I am photographing is creating different emotions inside of me, and in doing so I am able to put those feelings right back into my images. Looking through a lens helped me to appreciate the world around me, as I recognize what it is that I like about a particular scene. 
I was raised surrounded by shades of brown in the deserts of southern California. When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest, I had a child like reaction where I couldn't believe how many different shades of green there were. The more I went and explored the natural world around me, the more I was developing an almost spiritual connection to it. 
My hope as a photographer is to have some sort of impact on the world I leave behind. Not a physical one, but one that emphasizes respect of nature, and the importance of leaving it alone. It might seem ironic that I would want to leave nature alone as a photographer, but I do my best to leave no trace and to interfere as little as possible with the environment I am in. That I think is the ultimate moral value worth having.
I know that I never want to have kids because 1 human has such an impact on the environment. That being said I still want to leave a pristine world for those that will be here after me. Realistically though I have already started to see the effects of climate change in my life. There hasn't been a single year that I've been on this planet that wasn't the "hottest month/day/year ever recorded". The Australian bush fires, the increase in devastating tropical storms, and so many more natural disasters are directly cause by climate change. My goal is to catalog the world as it progresses through global warming in the hopes that I can highlight the damage we are causing our only home.
While I want to show off how beautiful the planet and the animals that live here are, I also want to encourage environmentally conscious travel. I want to avoid polluting anywhere I can, such as limiting my air travel, and how much stuff I buy online and have shipped to my house. I believe that there is no point in asking people to change without first changing yourself. That is why I want to lead by example, by promoting the natural world and the conservation of it. 
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